Country Representation

Hispania Nostra

Araceli Pereda, President
Calle Manuel 5 1 BE-28015 Madrid
T. +34 91 542 41 35

Member Organisations

  1. Ars Civilis Foundation
  2. Asociación Amigos de los Pazos – The Association for the Friends of Los Pazos
  3. Asociación Española de Amigos de los Castillos – The Spanish Association of Friends of the Castles
  4. Association Européenne des Entreprises de Restauration du Patrimoine Architectural (AEERPA) – The European Association of Architectural Heritage Restoration Companies
  5. Fundación Botín
  6. Fundación Lumbreras – Colección Adrastus
  7. The Gabarron Foundation

Associate Organisations

  1. Around Art
  2. Institut Ramon Muntaner

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