European Year of Cultural Heritage

2018 has been declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) by the European Union. It is celebrated in all EU member states and many more countries in Europe. The official slogan of the Year is “Our Heritage: where the past meets the future”. The Year was launched at the European Culture Forum in Milan on 7-8 December 2017 and will be closed at the #EuropeForCulture Conference in Vienna on 6-7 December 2018.

The European Commission provides more information on the official website of the European Year in all EU languages, including the latest news and promotional material, including the logo in all EU languages as well as some other European languages (associated countries). Visitors can also subscribe to the EYCH newsletter on the site.

Events taking place during the EYCH 2018

Numerous activities and events are taking place during 2018. They are organised by the national coordinators of the European Year, civil society organisations, small local initiatives, big European networks and so forth. Some events are local or regional, some take place at national or European level, while others take place across borders.

To find out what is happening near you:

  • See the individual country pages to find events taking place in each country
  • See Europa Nostra’s EYCH 2018 calendar with a selection of key events that have a European dimension and that have been organised by Europa Nostra, our main partners and EU institutions
  • See the calendar with events organised by members of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3
  • Follow updates about the EYCH 2018 on Twitter by searching the hashtags #EuropeForCulture (official hashtag), #Heritage4Europe, #Europe4Heritage, #EYCH2018

How is Europa Nostra contributing to the EYCH?

Europa Nostra, together with its wide network of members and key partners, is engaging citizens and stakeholders to contribute to and to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Europa Nostra also calls on all participants to take steps to help sustain the legacy of the EYCH beyond 2018.
Since 2017, Europa Nostra has been closely involved in the preparation and implementation of the EYCH as one of the 36 selected organisations (including members of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3), which form the EYCH 2018 Stakeholder Committee.

European Cultural Heritage Summit 2018 and the Berlin Call to Action

Europa Nostra, the German Cultural Heritage Committee (DNK) and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) co-hosted the first ever European Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin from 18-24 June. The Summit was the largest European event taking place during the Year, comprising 67 events organised by some 85 partners (see programme) and assembling over 1,500 participants from all over Europe. The Summit, with the motto “Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values”, brought together a wide range of stakeholders, decision-makers and citizens as well as top level representatives from European Union institutions, member states and civil society organisations.

European Cultural Heritage Policy Debate

The Summit built on the political momentum and promoted an ambitious European Agenda and Action Plan for Cultural Heritage as a lasting legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, mainly through the presentation of the “Berlin Call to Action: Cultural Heritage for the Future of Europe” (available in several European languages). The Berlin Call to Action was presented during the European Policy Debate and was immediately endorsed by some of the highest representatives of European institutions, many engaged European citizens and stakeholders. More than 1,900 organisations and individuals have already signed the Berlin Call.

Get involved: Sign, support and widely share the Berlin Call to Action!

European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards

As a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year’s edition of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards put special emphasis on the European added value of the selected heritage achievements. The 29 winners from 17 countries were celebrated at the European Heritage Awards Ceremony, held on 22 June in Berlin.

Get involved: Join the celebrations at the local award ceremonies that are taking from July to December throughout Europe (see calendar)!

Winners of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2018

7 Most Endangered programme

Europa Nostra is organising the 5th Anniversary Conference of the 7 Most Endangered programme and Capacity Building Days on Endangered Heritage on 22-24 October in Nicosia, Cyprus, in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. In March 2018, Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute announced a new list of the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe. Expert missions to the selected sites take place by the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019 (see calendar).

Get involved: Join the campaign to save the most endangered heritage sites in Europe!

7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe for 2018

#Ode2Joy Challenge

On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Europa Nostra and its President Maestro Plácido Domingo launched the #Ode2Joy Challenge. This participatory social media initiative celebrates Europe and our shared cultural heritage. Since it successfully kicked-off on 9 May 2018 (Europe Day), more than 100 reinterpretations of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from over 25 countries across Europe and beyond have been filmed at heritage sites and shared via social media. Some of the most inspiring contributions received so far were showcased at the European Heritage Awards Ceremony. This initiative is running until 9 May 2019.

Get involved: Contribute to the #Ode2Joy Challenge!


In addition to these selected flagship initiatives, Europa Nostra is working on a wide of range of activities and cooperating with diverse partners in the framework of the EYCH and is contributing to sustaining its legacy.

10 initiatives for the European Year – building the legacy

The European Commission has proposed 10 long-term European initiatives covering different aspects of cultural heritage that structure the activities at European level and that will serve to build a lasting legacy of the EYCH 2018. Find out how Europa Nostra contributes to these initiatives here.

Are you organising an event or initiative for EYCH 2018? Apply for the official label!

European initiatives and projects can receive the label of the EYCH 2018 (the right to use the logo and the slogan). As a selected member of the Stakeholder Committee, Europa Nostra can award the label to cross-border initiatives of its members. Are you a member, partner or associate organisation of Europa Nostra and contributing to the European Year of Cultural Heritage? Let us know by filling in the online form and receive the official label for your initiative!

For events organised at national, regional or local level only, the organisers should contact the national coordinators in their countries to obtain the label. General information about the labelling of events is available here.

European Year of Cultural Heritage

EYCH 2018

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