New appointments and reappointments to the Council of Europa Nostra

During the first three months of this year, the process of nominations of Council members by Member Organisations and Country Representations was taking place. The Advisory Election Committee of Europa Nostra received 24 nominations for 17 available positions out of which 20 were endorsed for the advisory voting process.

Member Organisations and Country Representations selected the following candidates:

  1. Agni Petridou Skordi (Cyprus) Nominated by: A.G.Leventis Foundation [Re-appointment]
  2. Simon Murray (United Kingdom) Nominated by: The National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland [Re-appointment]
  3. Erik Vind (Denmark) Nominated by: Europa Nostra Denmark [Re-appointment]
  4. Helle-Silvia Solnask (Estonia) Nominated by: Estonian Heritage Society [Re-appointment]
  5. Ştefan Bâlici (Romania) Nominated by: ARA – Architecture. Restoration. Archeology. [Re-appointment]
  6. Graham Bell (United Kingdom) Nominated by: North of England Civic Trust [Re-appointment]
  7. Rodolphe De Looz-Corswarem (Belgium) Nominated by: European Historic Houses Association [Re-appointment]
  8. José María Ballester (Spain) Nominated by: Asociación Amigos de los Pazos [Re-appointment]
  9. Paolo Vitti (Italy) Nominated by: Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena [New member]
  10. Jacques De Saussure (Switzerland) Nominated by: Société d’histoire de l’art en Suisse [New member]
  11. Siegwart Graf Zu Eulenburg Und Hertefeld (Germany) Nominated by: Europa Nostra Deutschland [New member]
  12. Araceli Pereda Alonso (Spain) Nominated by: Hispania Nostra [New member]
  13. Mark Thomasin-Foster (United Kingdom) Nominated by: European Landowners’ Organisation [Re-appointment]
  14. Philippe Toussaint (France) Nominated by: Vieilles Maisons Françaises [New member]
  15. Felipe Criado-Boado (Spain) Nominated by: European Association of Archeologists [New member]
  16. Nuran Zeren Gülersoy (Turkey) Nominated by: Europa Nostra Turkey [Re-appointment]
  17. Anna Soloveychikova (Russia) Nominated by: Heritage Without Borders [New member]

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The final appointments and reappointments of the Council members took place during the General Assembly in Turku on 12 May 2017.

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