Industrial Heritage visit to Finnish Maritime Heritage sites

On the afternoon of Thursday 11 May, around 70 participants took part in the Industrial Heritage visit with a focus on Maritime Heritage, which was organised by Europa Nostra’s Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee IEHC and Europa Nostra Finland. IEHC Founding Secretary Rienko Wilton, EN Finland Board Member Johan Grotenfelt and local guide Markus Bernoulli prepared a most informative programme, which started at the Forum Marinum in Turku with presentations on the history of Boat and Shipbuilding in Turku (by Jarmo Saarinen, Senior Curator, Forum Marinum) and Marine Clusters, Marine Logistics and the Future of Marine Traffic (by Kim Wikström, Professor, Åbo Akademi).Between history and modernity, participants also got an insight into modern shipbuilding technology as well as the discovery of Pansio, a cultural heritage area built in 1946-48 for housing shipbuilders and Meyer’s Shipyard nearby.

Forum Marinum Museum

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