First meeting of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 during EYCH

Three months after the official launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage at the European Culture Forum in Milan, the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 came together on 8 March for their first meeting in 2018. It was organised back to back with the meeting of the national coordinators and the EYCH Stakeholder Committee to enable members who are also part of the stakeholder committee, to attend both meetings.

Hosted once more by the European Travel Commission in the historic heart of Brussels, the Alliance meeting was moderated by Piet Jaspaert, Vice-President of Europa Nostra. 23 Alliance members participated. Topics discussed included the labelling of initiatives for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the upcoming European Cultural Heritage Summit 2018 and the proposal for a new European Agenda for Culture. In February, several Alliance members had contributed to a stakeholder consultation on the new European Agenda in Brussels. Another topic of discussion was the expected proposal for a next multiannual financial framework and new EU budget, in particular, how much funding would be proposed by the European Commission to allocate for culture and cultural heritage.

Moreover, Alliance members briefly presented the upcoming events and major initiatives, such as the NECSTouR Barcelona workshop, the special edition of the ECTN Awards organised in partnership with Europa Nostra and European Travel Commission, the European Decade of Cultural Landscapes initiated by CIVILSCAPE, the Torch Initiative from Future for Religious Heritage and, last but not least, #Ode2Joy Challenge launched by Europa Nostra.

During this meeting, the Alliance also welcomed 2 new member, NECSTouR and EFFORTS.

The next meeting of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 will take place in autumn 2018 in Brussels.

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