Category: Press Releases

Together with the global heritage community, Europa Nostra contributes to COP26 in Glasgow

Europa Nostra releases Venice Call to Action: “For a New European Renaissance”

Declaration of support and solidarity to the population of the island of La Palma (Canary Islands)

European Heritage Policy Agora in Venice addresses the most topical issues for the cultural heritage ecosystem

Europa Nostra awards Medal of Honour to its Vice President Piet Jaspaert

European Commission and Europa Nostra announce Europe’s top heritage award winners 2021

United Nations Secretary-General endorses the ‘Ringing the Bells for Peace and Heritage’ initiative

2021 European Cultural Heritage Summit takes place this week in Venice

Urgent call for a holistic protection of the integrity, authenticity, and diversity of the rich multicultural heritage in and around the area of Nagorno-Karabakh

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, contemporary dance choreographer from Belgium, wins Helena Vaz da Silva European Award 2021